Source: Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen.

Restauration and renovation of Museum Kam - Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen
Expected opening September 2020
Museum Kam will be restaurated and adapted to the wishes of the owner, de Provincie Gelderland and the user, Museum Het Valkhof. Ynte Alkema is commissioned as external adviser of the project.
Source: EYE Filmmuseum. Mike Bink.

360° - EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam
The 360° space where visitors are surrounded by nearly one hundred film clips from the collection, will be renewed. Ynte Alkema is commissioned as external adviser of this project.
Chest for the original autographs and proof sheets of the "Statenvertaling". Source: Catharijneconvent Utrecht.

Statenvertaling - House of Representatives, Statenpassage Den Haag
Opening November 26, 2019
ATELIER Alkema will design the exhibition telling about the history and importance of the "Statenvertaling", the 1637 Dutch version of the bible, and an adaptation of the Greek and Hebrew ancient texts. The exposition will be in the Statenpassage, a glass roof covered central passageway between various buildings of The House of Representatives.
Meredith Frampton, A game of patience, 1937. Source: Ferens Art Gallery, Hull Museums.

For Real - Museum MORE, Gorssel
Opening September 14, 2019
ATELIER Alkema will design the exhibition in museum MORE about realistic painting in England during the interbellum. Works of 58 different artists will be presented.
Charley Toorop, John Rädecker with wife and children, 1935-1938. Source: Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar.

The Toorop Dynasty - Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar
Opening September 29, 2019
ATELIER Alkema will design the exhibition about three generations Toorop: Jan Toorop, Charley Toorop and Edgar Fernhout. The exposition explains the search for their own artistic identity of each individual family member without losing their mutual artistic relationship. Project in cooperation with Cecilia Hendrikx.

Lecture January 24, 2019
De Gorsselse Kunstkring
Ynte Alkema will give a lecture with the title "To be expected....". The process of creating an exhibition will be made transparent in this speech, by using various established museum projects as examples.
François Barraud, Les truites arc-en-ciel, 1931. Source: Museum MORE.

The Barraud brothers | Four Swiss Realists - Museum MORE, Gorssel
Opening January 19, 2019
ATELIER Alkema will design the exhibition of artworks of the four brothers Barraud. The paintings are important representatives of European Realism from 1920 to 1930.

Kabbalah. The art of jewish mysticism - Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam
Opening March 29, 2019
Ynte Alkema is commissioned as external project leader for the exhibition 'Kabbalah, The art of jewish mysticism'. The joint exhibition of the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam and the Jewish Museum Vienna will explore Kabbalah in its widest sense. Several art exhibits combined with various information is available at different locations in the Jewish Cultural Quarter.
Impression of the contruction of the new building (source: Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer).

Planned opening spring 2019
Stadsmuseum Zoetermeer
ATELIER Alkema will design the interiors of all the museum spaces, apart from the exhibition halls.
Ynte Alkema © Amsterdam 2019