About ATELIER Alkema

Ynte Alkema is a designer and a creative project manager. In 2010 he founded ATELIER Alkema. The office focuses on exhibition design and interior design.

Ynte has a broad experience in the design world and works on projects of various scale and complexity. Depending on the project he can be the designer, the project manager or he can combine both functions. In every project the assignment is analysed and translated to a spatial concept, a narrative environment or a metaphor that will be the base for the development of the design.

ATELIER Alkema works with a professional network of light designers, graphic designers, artists, scenarists and multi-media designers that can assist the team.

Ynte Alkema is a tutor on several academies and as an enthusiastic speaker he delivers lectures with a special focus on architecture.

ATELIER Alkema has offices in Amsterdam en Neede.

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